What is EQ2Login?

EQ2Login is an editor for the front login page of EverQuest II. In order to reach this page, you will need to run EverQuest2.exe rather than the default shortcut which points to EQ2.exe. Fortunately, EQ2Login will put a shortcut on your desktop called EverQuest II No Patch which points to the right place. Simply click this shortcut instead of the default EverQuest II shortcut.

If Sony has issued a patch, the login page will ask you to re-run the patcher. Just run the original EverQuest II shortcut and it will patch for you.

What does EQ2Login do for me?

EQ2Login allows you to enter the account information for all accounts to which you have access and then to attach the characters and their servers to each account. When EverQuest2.exe is run, you will be presented with a login screen with all your characters' names in alphabetical order. Simply click the one you want and then click Connect and you're in. No Character Select screen, no remembering which password is for which account.

Even if you only have access to one account, EQ2Login enables you to save the password so that you do not have to enter it every time you log on or switch character. It also saves the patch time, making startup of EQ much faster.

To switch characters, simply /camp the current one. The login page will re-appear and you can select another character, even if it's on a different account. If you want to go to the original Character Select screen for a particular account, there is a button at the bottom for each account.

Where can I get EQ2Login?

The EQ2Login application can be downloaded here: eq2installer.exe. It simply installs and runs. The current version is

What it does is to check that you have .NET version 2.0 installed and, if not, it will download it from Microsoft's site. It will then install EQ2Login.exe. It makes use of Microsoft's new ClickOnce technology and will appear in your Start Menu under May.BE -> EQ2Login.

Every time you run the program, it will check this server for updates and install the latest version.

How do I use the program?

Start by adding EQ2 accounts by clicking Add and entering your username and password. Then add characters, typing in the character's name and selecting the appropriate account and EQ2 server. If you make a mistake, click edit on the appropriate row and change your input.

If you tick the Show Passwords box, your passwords will be visible on the login screen. Using the View → Summary option will allow you to see all your accounts and characters in a scrollable view.

Where does EQLogin store my personal data?

All the data is stored in and read back from eq2ui_loginscene.xml in your current custom UI. On running the program, if EQ2Login detects that you are using the Default UI, it will create a custom UI called EQ2Login in your UI folder and will store eq2ui_loginscene.xml there. If, later, you decide to download a custom UI, simply move eq2ui_loginscene.xml to that UI's folder. The EQ2Login folder can then be deleted. Don't forget to edit eq2.ini in EverQuest's base folder to point at the new UI.

Your passwords and character data are not stored anywhere else and, other than to check for updates, EQ2Login does not access the Internet in any way. If you delete eq2ui_loginscene.xml, all your data will be lost.

Source Code

May.BE runs a Subversion Server with public access for the code to this project. The current source to EQ2Login can be found at http://svn.may.be/svn/EQ2Login/trunk/EQ2Login/. If you make any changes, please feed these back to me via email.

Contact Details

If you like EQ2Login, please let me know. Ditto if you hate it or find a bug in it or want to make a suggestion for it. I'm Cliff Stanford and you can mail me as cliff@may.be. On EQ2 I'm Sixes on Oggok Blackburrow, a member of Britannic Lore and you can mail me there in-game or as sixes@britlore.co.uk. And thanks to Mook from Antonia Bayle for his original concept.

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