Everquest II Software Projects
EQ2Login The login scene editor.
EQ2Logcleaner Clean Everquest 2 logs, leaving only selected types of messages.
Wordpress Blog Designs
Can't Backspace Sylvia's writing blog. She handwrites the blog posts in her notebook and the theme displays the scanned pages. It also handles hyper-linked text in a handwriting font on a post-it note as well as setting each person's comments into his or her personal font.
MMORPG Info A blog about Massively Multiuser Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) in a three-colunm layout with a variable centre column and a number of subtle but non-standard tricks.
Blog Me UK One day this will be the standard place for UK bloggers. All I need now is time.
Other Software Projects
RenewCert A possible working fix for the ClickOnce error, “The deployment identity does not match the subscription”, caused by the expiry of the certificate.
CouchDB::Lite A new perl module for accessing CouchDB from Perl. This module will be placed onto CPAN once I am happy that it has been tested.
USDA The USDA Food Database Searcher
(Alpha version, not yet ready for download)
Online Utilities
Google PageRank Do you want to know the Google PageRank of your website or blog? Or maybe of someone else's? This simple, online tool will tell you instantly.
Genuine XP This is a guide to fixing the erroneous message that sometimes appears on installations of Windows XP where the display background is forced to black and a pop-up message states that “This copy of Windows XP did not pass genuine validation.”
TeamViewer for Remote Support Windows Support
Remote Access and Support over the Internet with TeamViewer Mac