Open source Perl projects
Mustache::Simple This is the simplest way to handle Mustache files in Perl.
Attribute::Boolean This allows you to flag a variable as a boolean. In numeric context, it will have the value 0 or 1. In string context is will have the value "false" or "true". In JSON, it will correctly return false or true values.
Phone::Number This is a module to hold a phone number from a UK-centric point of view. It will format a number as national (with or without spaces) or in international form (with or without the +). However it does not use the Google libraries which did not exist when it was written.
Crypt::Pseudo A short, reversable, alphanumeric pseudohash with a hard-to-guess sequence.
Where to find Cliff Stanford
Tallinn - Estonia I'm currently living in Tallinn. It's nice here; you should come and visit.
Telegram Instant messaging. Definitely the quickest and best way to get in contact me, should you wish to.
Github This is where you'll find my open source work as well as some repositories in progress, some stalled, some dead.
Linked In Obligatory account, though I don't use it much.
Twitter Sometimes I say things on Twitter. Sometimes it's even sensible.
Email You can email me at and I will probably answer you eventually.
Wikipedia Everything you need to know about me and, probably, many things you do not.
Open source Javascript (NodeJS) Projects
mustache-file This is simple wrapper around the standard mustache templating package. This module is designed to read its template files from disk, as well as any partials referred to therein. It is fully async and is either passed a callback or it returns a promise.
session-memcached Save persistent sessions in memcached for nodejs.
pseudohash A short, reversable, alphanumeric pseudohash with a hard-to-guess sequence. A Javascript port of my perl module.
couch-queue Safe, concurrent queuing allowing multiple writers and multiple workers using CouchDB as its backend.
package-resolve Simple way to get the package.json for any installed package.
chat2 A simple telnet app to chat with a server, using send and expect
fqdn-promise Get the fully qualified domain name via a Promise
pimote Control Energenie Switches from a Raspberry Pi
Javascript API Helpers
google-sheets-simple A simple way to access Google Sheets using named and unnamed ranges.
ikea-tradfri A library to access the Ikea Trådfri lighting system without needing to call a separate binary.
smoobu A simple library to access the Smoobu Host API.
kraken-exchange A simple library to access the Kraken Exchange API.
coinex An API Interface for Bitcoin Cash exchange.
TeamViewer for Remote Support Windows Support
Remote Access and Support over the Internet with TeamViewer Mac